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About DRD Dental
Owned and operated by Dr. Diana Tolentino in the Enterprise, NV area, DRD Dental offers a friendly environment with prompt, and professional displaced tooth services. Do not wait in a crowded waiting room with unhappy patients. Come and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere at DRD Dental in the Enterprise, NV area, and experience the personal touch that Dr. Diana and her knowledgeable staff provide when it comes to your displaced tooth services. For all of your displaced tooth services in the Enterprise, NV area, give us a call at 702-341-1004.
What Makes Us Unique?
DRD Dental has a friendly staff, a clean facility and provide excellent displaced tooth services in the Enterprise, NV area. At our office you will always find a friendly, professional staff that will go out of their way to ensure your visit to the dentist is a happy one. Dr. Diana and her team at DRD Dental in the Enterprise, NV area provide complete state of the art displaced tooth services in order to achieve optimal dental health. We help our patients attain a more positive self image. We focus on prevention and provide all of our displaced tooth services in a warm and caring environment. For all of your displaced tooth services in the Enterprise, NV area, give us a call at 702-341-1004.
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A dentist will focus on your teeth and gums in order to provide your the proper health for your mouth.  Fillings provide restoration for your teeth, and can be filled with several different types of materials, like gold, silver amalgam, and different plastics and glass materials.  We like to provide you the resin fillings that match the rest of your teeth.  We help you improve your oral hygiene and overlapping teeth.  For all of your dental needs, give us a call.

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We would love to solve your displaced tooth needs and provide you a Service unlike any other company in Enterprise, NV could.